Importing Goods From China To The UK Via Air Freight Shipping Services

importing from china

When it comes to importing goods from China to the UK, international air freight shipping services can provide the fastest and most reliable option. It is simple to obtain free air freight quotes online. The average shipping time for air cargo from China to the UK mainland is 6 to 16 days. Express services are available.

It’s important to know that when shipping via air, the cost per kg of a load decreases the larger the total shipment weight is. Consequently, importing in bulk is the most cost-effective option for UK businesses. The price per kg of chargeable weight for a 300 kg load, for example, can be 95% lower than the price per kg of chargeable weight for a 10 kg load.

There are two different categories of air cargo: general cargo and special cargo. General cargo includes items like pharmaceuticals, electronics, jewellery, and watches. Must high-value items are sent via air shipping services as they are more secure and offer door to door tracking. The cost of shipment for high-value items is also a very small percentage of the item’s value.

Special cargo includes live animals, goods that require a temperature-controlled environment and good that are dangerous. Seafood, for example, requires refrigeration/freezing for long-distance cold chain transportation. All perishable and hazardous goods are subject to separate regulations to general cargo. Accurately declaring special goods for air shipment is essential for avoiding delays, penalties, extra fees or even denial of shipment.

The main drawback when it comes to air freight shipping from China is that prices can be high and carbon emission from aeroplanes far exceed the emissions from ocean cargo ships. The cost of air shipping services depends on both the weight and dimensions of an item. If you a looking to import small, light items, airport services can be affordable. Heavy, bulky items, however, can cost thousands of dollars to ship by air. Therefore if you are looking to import heavy, bulky goods, or huge quantities of smaller, light items, taking a look at sea freight shipping rates from china would be a good idea.

While ocean freight transit times have a history of being long and delayed, services have improved massively in recent years thanks to better ocean tracking technology and streamlined port customs procedures. Be sure to check out the competitive quotes for expedited sea freight services. Note that peak seasons for shipping from China include Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Golden Week and Holiday shopping season.

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